Benefits for your Agency

Iryo Fidelizacion

For your agency

We have a team of marketing professionals exclusively dedicated to serving your agency. You can contact them at any time on 910 150 097.​

Iryo Fidelizacion

Ease of connection

At iryo we want you to always be connected.

We provided an exclusive booking system, so you are always connected and work in an efficient and comfortable way.

•   Special B2B API​
•   Direct API or through the integrator you use
•   You will buy direct through Amadeus with i6 code or through the Smart Tab button


Only products that can be personalised

At iryo we have an ideal space for your customers, however they travel.​

We want to be the third space, beyond the home and the workplace. A place where they can rest, eat well, socialise, work, and, above all, enjoy.​

A place created to satisfy their needs, which will evolve with them.​

We offer four comfort zones:​​

•   Infinita​
•   Singular café
•   Singular
•   Inicial