Value proposition


The transport sector is moving

Digitalisation and the transformation of services are global trends that are already influencing all types of sectors, including transport. The needs and habits of people have also changed in recent years, and they are looking for more flexible, sustainable, and connected transport.

Carsharing, scooter sharing and ride-hailing like Uber or Cabify are disruptive transport modes in the digital era where the same user can take 3 types of transport in the same journey. It is necessary to be able to find synergies and offer a comprehensive and connected experience. This comprehensive mobility is today the reality for our clients and forms part of the epicentre of ILSA.


The client will always be our focus.

Our lives are hectic and in constant motion. To be able to work from anywhere in the world is already a reality.

We are looking for the “Third Space” away from home and work, where we can feel comfortable and part of a community, with the same standards of security, hygiene, health and comfort that we find at home, including the possiblilty of travelling at reasonable prices with transport always available.

We want to support the freedom of movement, but also the freedom to be able to dream, wherever you are by offering an experience adapted to our clients, with flexibility of use, offering safety, privacy, quality, comfort, and punctuality at competitive prices.

At the company level, we are going to commit to people and talent, hiring more than 2600 professionals between direct and indirect employment.

Iryo Movilidad Agenda 2030

The train connects and saves time

The train connects and saves time but above all else, it also substantially reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Sustainability is our core reason for existing. For example, on a journey from Madrid to Barcelona, up to 80% of the kilos of carbon dioxide are saved per person, which is hundreds of tons on each journey.

Our intention is to promote sustainable transportation throughout the country and that it contributes to relaunching the Spanish GDP and improving the economy and employment while taking care of the environment.

The impact of climate change is beginning to have a major influence on the way we live. We are looking for clients who are conscious and committed to sustainability, who prefer to always use sustainable, green transportation.

We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda by focusing on Goal 7 (Affordable, clean energy), Goal 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) and Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities).

We seek to connect conscious customers with committed companies, companies like ILSA, people like you.


We are a mobility integrator in Spain

We want to be in the centre of an environment of different means of transportation, connecting two points with a single integrated ticket and integrating the different means of transportation necessary.

So that the satisfactory online experience continues in their offline experiences and vice versa, we want to offer a real and unique experience to our professional and private clients that goes beyond the mobile screen.

We believe in customers who are in continuous movement with different means of transportation. It is what we call “Multimodality”.


We are born completely digital

We are finding new ways to create, capture and generate value to facilitate an integrated offer of mobility and other services.

5G changes the rules of mobility. Hyper-connectivity and extreme speed will make it possible to personalise mobility experiences adapted to each traveller, offering both professionals and individuals an increasingly wide range of mobility.

We believe in 5G connectivity and digitisation for personalised mobility.


We believe in you, in custom designed trips to offer you maximum comfort with on time arrivals, efficiency and safety, and always at the best price.

We are committed to sustainability and technology on a human scale