Discover our healthier and more sustainable brand of Spanish cuisine to suit all tastes.

A gastronomic experience specially designed for you, paired with Designation of Origin wines and a wide variety of on-board menus, from breakfast to dinner, every day of the week.

With a meticulous production process using local suppliers, reducing food waste and promoting Spanish gastronomic culture. And with a simple and flexible purchasing process devised so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your trip.


Enjoy our Menu on Board


Choose the option which adapts best to your journey​​


Infinita Bistró

With your Infinita Bistró fare you will enjoy a first-class experience that starts with a welcome drink. You will be able to choose a healthy menu made with top-quality products and served directly at your seat, with exceptional service and attention.

Seasonal recipes with local and fresh products in a classic and elegant style, along with a wide selection of drinks from well-known brands.


Street Food Menu

Add it to your ticket during the purchase process and enjoy it at your seat during the trip or whenever you want. Specially designed for business trips where you don't want to do without high-quality food, the market menu features fresh seasonal products and recipes, adapted to market trends.

Options available to share, whether you are travelling alone or in a group, on business trips, leisure trips or with the family.


Bar restaurant

What a good idea it is to install a bar-restaurant on a train, don't you think?

This is our proposal, the only one of its kind in Spain. In car 3 you can find our HAIZEA bar and enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine. Enjoy your favourite pintxos and tapas on board the train. Potato salad, gulas, scrambled eggs, meatballs, freshly made sandwiches, salads... and of course a glass of wine or a bottle to drink alone or with company.

Welcome to a space that is the only one of its kind in Spain.


Mobile bar

If you prefer to wait for our attendants to come to your seat, our mobile bar will not disappoint you. We have instant coffee and a fine selection of products and drinks on a convenient trolley under the HAIZEA brand.

Welcome to HAIZEA.