New functionalities


Tickets in Passbook | Wallet* format

Download the tickets and take them with you in digital format. They will always be available even if the device is not connected to the internet.

In addition, for all bookings made from Amadeus, you can automatically send the ticket or Passbook | Wallet directly to the customer or to an email address, thus distributing the booking quickly and dynamically with the least possible effort. 

(*) Download only for new bookings

Choose seat and direction of travel

Now you can choose where and how you want to travel, now you will know the direction in which the train runs.

Remember that you can make the seat selection individually or for all passengers that make up the reservation during the purchase process or in the "Reservations" section on each ticket.



All changes available

Make all the changes you need and take advantage of the flexibility of iryo tickets to the maximum by accessing the "Bookings" section in an agile and simple way.

Change your tickets time and date adapting them to the needs of each moment, remember that you can make changes individually or for all passengers that make up the reservation. In addition, if the trip cannot be made, you will also be able to cancel partially or jointly for all the tickets that make up the reservation.