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Discover all the high-speed train routes to Albacete

If you take the train to Albacete, you will discover an unforgettable part of La Mancha. There’s more to Albacete than just knives. There’s its festival, which has been declared an event of International Tourist Interest. It is celebrated in September in the historic Feria neighbourhood in the heart of the city. It is one of the oldest festivals in Spain and has won Best Festival in Spain several times. 

Do you need any more reason to take the train to Albacete?

You will find some of the most beautiful villages in Spain, such as Alcalá de Júcar, located on the banks of a quaint little meander of the Júcar river, crowned by a spectacular castle. Or Jorquera, which is perched on top of a natural rocky vantage point in a landscape sculpted by the Júcar river. Chinchilla de Montearagón, Ayna (with its cave paintings) or Yeste are also on the endless list of must-sees. 

And nature lovers can’t miss the Sierre del Seguare, which will be sure to break down stereotypes about the region, with views that are difficult to forget once you’ve seen them, such as cave paintings and karst landscapes.


Discover all the high-speed train routes to Albacete

Route to Albacete from Madrid with 4 trains from June 2.