1. Luggage policy

    See the terms and conditions of the luggage policy here.

    If the ticket was purchased before 19 December 2023, up to three pieces of luggage are included: 2 pieces with a maximum size of 85x55x35cm and a piece of hand luggage with a maximum size of 36x27x15cm. If any change was made to the ticket after this date, (19/12/2023), the above mentioned luggage policy is not applicable.  Tickets purchased after this date include an image of the on-board luggage included (width, length and height).

  2. Pushchairs

    Pushchairs must be folded and stored properly as instructed by train staff. A foldable pushchair is included on baby tickets, it is not necessary to add on an additional piece of luggage.

  3. Bicycles

    Customers may take one bicycle on board, depending on the space available and the number of people travelling. If you are travelling with a bike, you should request this from the assistance desk (Casas iryo) or from the Customer Service Department, 2 hours before departure. Bicycles that have not been disassembled and are not in a special, properly locked bicycle transport case are not permitted. Customers are allowed to carry one bicycle, provided that it is disassembled and placed in a special bicycle transport case, properly closed, and that it complies with the permitted dimensions, which must not exceed the following measurements: 90x120x40cm. 

  4. Scooters

    Neither electric nor non-electric scooters are permitted on board iryo trains.

  5. Special Luggage

    Can I bring ski equipment?

    Skis and ski equipment are permitted so long as they are folded and stored in the special bag for this type of equipment. The limit per person is one pair of skis and equipment for each traveller.

    Can I bring golf clubs?

    Golf clubs carried in a golf bag are permitted. The limit per person is one golf bag per traveller.

    Can I take musical instruments?

    Musical instruments are permitted on board so long as they are within the dimensions of the luggage included for each ticket. (Hand luggage: 36x27x15cm, cabin bag: 55x35x25cm and large bag: 70x55x35cm). If it does not fall within these dimensions, the musical instrument cannot be brought on board. 

    Can I bring boxes?

    Neither boxes nor electrical appliances may be brought onto the train. 

  6. Items not allowed on board

    Firearms and other devices which launch projectiles:
    •    Firearms without a license and certificate of ownership.
    •    Toy guns, reproductions of firearms and imitation firearms which may be mistaken for real firearms.
    •    Guns which use compressed air or CO2 such as pellet or BB pistols and rifles.
    •    Flare guns and starter or signal guns.
    •    Crossbows, bows and arrows.
    •    Harpoons and spearguns.
    •    Paintball guns etc.   

    Blunt objects likely to be pose risk to the physical health of persons
    •    Batons, truncheons.
    •    Martial arts equipment (metal knuckles, nunchucks, kubatons, etc.), etc.

    Sharp or pointed objects:
    •    Sword-sticks.
    •    Daggers.
    •    Switchblades.
    •    Blades and knives with a blade longer than 6cm.
    •    Sabres, swords, machetes.
    •    Scissors with blades longer than 6cm from the axis, etc.

    Explosive, flammable, chemical or toxic substances:
    •    Ammunition, except for that which is carried in the weapon's magazines by members of the Security Forces, the Armed Forces, the CNI and holders of a type B firearms licence.
    •    Explosives.
    •    Detonators.
    •    Gas and gas cylinders.
    •    Paint sprayers.
    •    Mines, grenade and other similar explosives of military use.
    •    Flammable liquids.
    •    Pressurised containers, etc.

    For more information, see ADIF restrictions.


  7. Lost luggage

    What do I do if my luggage has disappeared?

    ADIF has a network of offices available at the main stations where you can go to claim your lost property.

    What do I do if my luggage has been stolen at the station?

    If the traveller is sure that their luggage has been stolen, they should go to the police station in the station (Atocha and Sants) or the closest one to report it.