IRYO Smart Forest


A path towards New Sustainability

If you want to create a greener world at iryo we make it easy for you.​

Register at iryo and add the Green supplement to your ticket when purchasing. With this simple act, you will be contributing to turn your fare green, neutralising the carbon footprint of your trip.

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How do we do it?​

By planting a forest through ReTree, the first Spanish company to unite reforestation and digitalisation and whose mission is to create a greener world. The project is dedicated to creating forests in different areas of the country, reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. Integrating reforestation and digitalisation in a single gamification tool will make the process simple and straightforward.​

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Green Fare​

You can make your fare green when buying your ticket in 2 ways:​

€2.39, to compensate for the carbon footprint for a one day trip.​​

€4.39, to compensate for a two day trip.​

For every €14 collected through the Green Fare, iryo and ReTree will plant a tree in the iryo Smart Forest​.​

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Track your forest​

Once you have made the purchase you will receive an email thanking you for your CO2 offset and access to a microsite where you can continue to follow the development of the iryo Smart Forest. You can also see your individual progress updates within your Club Yo profile, as well as the emissions saved by your journeys.​