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Travelling by train to Tarragona is to travel to a very Mediterranean province. It is to travel to one of the destinations in Spain with the most to offer. And not only because you can enjoy yourself at more than 150 km/h on one of the many rides at the best theme park in Spain, Port Aventura, or swim at one of the secluded coves on the Costa Dorada.

Do you need any more reason to take the train to Tarragona?​

Tarraco, as the Romans named this land of vital importance for the supplying their troops across the Mediterranean, nowadays has great heritage from the period. So much so that it has been protected by UNESCO since 2000. In Tarragona great Roman constructions such as the Circus, the Aqueduct and the Amphitheatre, which have survived until the present day and have become a tourist attraction for the area. As has the medieval town centre, which is truly beautiful.

We want to give you more reasons to travel by train to Tarragona, such as, for example, its climate. It is one of the best on the Iberian Peninsula, in which sunshine plays a  leading role and has a small range of temperatures due to the influence of the sea, making Tarragona a perfect destination for any time of the year.

At iryo we love for you to travel all over Spain. And we could be here all day giving you reasons to travel by train Tarragona - such as its Cathedral, the Plaza del Fórum, the Rambla Nova and the Plaza del Pallol. But we want you to be the one to discover the next secret that Tarragona holds for its visitors.

Discover all the high-speed train routes to Tarragona​