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Madrid is the city wich connects all routes. Perhaps because of this, everyone feels welcome from moment they first set foot in the capital. A city full of life, with an open and welcoming spirit, wich offers endless experiences to suit all tastes: from cultural plans, restaurants, and fun and unexpected nights out, to many options for children.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Madrid.




They say that there are as many versions of Barcelona as there are people who pass through its streets. From a cosmopolitan city full of architectural gems to the vibrant nightlife. Strolling through the streets of the Gothic Quarter, enjoying the colourful Montjuïc and Tibidabo or savouring the typical gastronomy of Barceloneta are just some of the many options you can enjoy.




Strategically located between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the capital of Aragon is a cosmopolitan and exciting city that has a lot to offer in terms of culture, tourism and gastronomy.

As if that weren´t enough, the unbeatable hospitality and good nature of the people of Aragon make the city of the Ebro one of the most attractive destinations for any traveller.




Visitors to Valencia will find hours and hours of light that will accompany them through its majestic Gothic and neoclassical buildings, its large shopping areas and its exuberant nature.

It is the unmistakable home of the Fallas, paella and horchata, it has iconic neighbourhoods such as Carmen and Ruzafa, many green areas, and gems such as the City of Arts and Sciences.




If there is a place brimming with our art, it is Seville. Maybe it´s because of its unrivalled tapas culture or perhaps because of the colour of its traditional  tiles.

Strolling through the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz quarter, letting yourself be carried away to a tablao in Triana to watch a flamenco  show and ending the walk with an orange wine on the banks of the Guadalquivir will make your day in Seville an unforgettable experience.




Feel time come to standstill between the blue of the sea and the white of the coast, while the aroma of delicious espetos de sardinas (sardine skewers) wafts over you. The streets are full of life, with bars, terraces and a warm atmosphere. Not to mention all the entrepreneurial projects that the city is home to,  as Malaga has become a new destination for companies, research and innovation.

Malaga is in fashion. Are you going to let it pass you by?




Cuenca is divided into two areas, on one side lies the old town surrounded by rocky areas, the river Júcar and the Huécar, and on the other is the new town wich is spread over the lower part of Cuenca. Its essence and all its history will transport you to  an environment similar to the middle ages.




Cordoba is a destination wich one never fully says goodbye to, as it leaves an impression on each traveller that visits it. Without a doubt it is one of the most fascinating cities in our country, with its wonderful heritage, the beauty of its Andalusian patios and the combination of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. Discover it for yourself!




As soon as you start to walk along the seaside Paseo de la Explanada and its evocative aroma of saltpetre, you will discover what Alicante has to offer. The beauty of its coast and beaches is undeniable, but you will also fall in love with its inland countryside and the friendly hospitality of its people. A city worth discovering.


Hola Albacete


If you take the train to Albacete, you will discover an unforgettable part of La Mancha. There’s more to Albacete than just knives. There’s its festival, which has been declared an event of International Tourist Interest. It is celebrated in September in the historic Feria neighbourhood in the heart of the city. It is one of the oldest festivals in Spain and has won Best Festival in Spain several times. 

Hola Antequera


Few places can boast about having UNESCO World Heritage sites. Antequera is one of them. Located right in the heart of Andalusia, in the province of Malaga, it’s the perfect destination to travel around the whole region. It's a great idea to take the train to Antequera if you want to explore the south of the Peninsula.



Travelling by train to Tarragona is to travel to a very Mediterranean province. It is to travel to one of the destinations in Spain with the most to offer. And not only because you can enjoy yourself at more than 150 km/h on one of the many rides at the best theme park in Spain, Port Aventura, or swim at one of the secluded coves on the Costa Dorada.